Tommy Unger
Leading the way toward data-driven experiences, insights, and decisions

Work experience


Principal data scientist & product manager

2014 - current
  • Envision, research & launch industry-leading analytics & UX solutions on an enterprise data storage system.
  • Managing a team focused on analytics, design, and data science.
  • Manage the design & launch of a data-driven prefetch solution increasing customer read performance.
  • Use Tableau, Jupyter Python notebooks, Excel & SQL to investigate, analyze, and deliver insights for a variety of businesses and technical challenges. Present findings to small teams and the whole company.
  • Launch a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform used by 90% of our customer base. This differentiated product drives engagement of existing customers and acquisition of new customers.
University of Washington

Instructor - data visualization

2016 - current
  • Teach a hands-on data visualization continuing education course for working professionals.
  • Focus on the scaffolding of data visualization strategies including: history of datavis, understanding your audience, data acquisition and cleaning, and building tool proficiency in Tableau and Excel.
  • Working with the committee to design courses and content for data analytics.

Real estate data scientist

2013 - 2014
  • Brainstormed, researched, designed and wrote data-driven stories about the real estate market including: Cities a Billionaire Can Buy and Hottest Neighborhoods. Achieved all-time highs for web blog traffic.
  • Built solutions to analyze real estate markets using SQL, AWS Redshift, HTML, css, Javascript, d3.js

Product manager - data & analytics

2010 - 2013
  • Designed & managed a pixel-tracking system (like Google Analytics) for deep knowledge of website visitors.
  • Created software solutions that helped companies improve search engine rankings via links & content.
  • Drove company decisions and innovation with data science for SEO, website tracking, , business intelligence.
Foundry Interactive

Online marketing consultant, web developer, principal

2008 - 2010
  • Worked with a variety of small and large business to deliver online marketing and web solutions.
  • Built an A/B testing framework for a marketing website to help optimize conversions.
  • Built advanced Javascript filtering controls for Blue Nile's diamond search experience.

Senior data analyst

2006 - 2008
  • Analyzed national and local residential real estate markets. Billions of data points processed.
  • Built quarterly reports used by national media, including WSJ, NYT. C#, SQL Server, Windows scripting.
  • Led the creation and deployment of a set of open source US city neighborhood boundary maps.

Software development engineer/test

2001 - 2005
  • Built stress testing scripts and automation for the ASP.Net web server platform.
  • Built a performance testing app & database system for measuring the speed & stability of ASP.Net/IIS.


Tools & Technologies